Social insurance for artists (Künstlersozialkasse or KSK)

Old-age pensions, health insurance and nursing care insurance for artists

The social insurance for artists (Künstlersozialversicherung) of the social security benefits office for artists (KSK) grants artists an insurance for old-age pensions, health and nursing care.

The KSK is obliged to insure self-employed artists who work as artists professionally and ensure their livelihood with this profession. The artists are paying half of the fees. The other half is covered by the state as well as a tax paid by companies that engage the services of artists.

A prerequisite for the membership in the KSK is an annual income of at least 3.900 Euros. Over the period of six years the income can fall below this amount twice. Young professionals are granted another three years without a minimum income. 

The insurance generally begins with the application of the artist to the KSK. Propositions for the examination of the insurance obligation of the KSK need to be directed to the KSK directly. Information and the application forms can be downloaded from the KSK webpage:

The information of the KSK are only partially available in English, the application documents are unfortunately only available in German.