Corona-Opening hours of the Printing workshop since May 2020

Druckwerkstatt im Kunstquatier Bethanien

The Printing workshop will be open again from May 19, 2020. However, with restricted opening times for the time being and with hygiene and distance rules.

We ask for your understanding that the appointment process is currently somewhat complicated. Old bookings are canceled, new ones are requested, and due to the reduction in the time available and the distance rules, we have fewer work opportunities than before Corona times.

It is also important: a respiratory mask is mandatory, please bring your own protective work clothing (gloves, apron, glasses, hearing protection ...). The kitchen and loggia are only accessible to employees.

Corona-opening hours:

  • Etching/ Engraving: Tue and Wed 10-17
  • Screen printing: Tue-Thu 9-17 and Fri 10-16
  • Lithography: Thu and Fri 11:30-17
  • Digital print: Wed-Fri 9-17
  • Office: Tue-Fri 11-13

Letterpress printing, Cyanotopy, bookbinding and paper making by arrangement
Paper sales only after consultation by email.:

Current conditions for the work in the workshops at the kulturwerk des bbk berlin

  • Everyone who wants to work in the workshops have to bring and wear a mouth-nose-protection. Special rules apply when entering and leaving the workshops.
  • Persons (employees or artists) with respiratory symptoms or fever are not allowed to work in the workshops or has to leave them immediately.
  • Workstations in the workshops have to have a minimum distance of 1.5 to 2 meter from each other. This implies that less artists can work in the workshops. It must be clear that work as before the pandemic is not possible and will only be possible again after the crisis has ended.
  • In the case of unavoidable contact with users or employees or if the protective distances cannot be maintained, both sides have to wear protective masks. In addition, the hands have to be disinfected regularly.
  • Tools and work equipment should only be used for personal use. Where this is not possible, tools and work equipment should be cleaned regularly after return. It may be advisable that the equipment should only be used with protective gloves - if work safety is not at risk.
  • The use of the kitchen remains prohibited. Cooking and eating together is not allowed.
  • Anyone who does not comply with the rules have to leave the workshop immediately.

For further questions please send an e-mail to: