31.03.2022 | Help for fled artists from Ukraine

Demonstration am 27.2.2022 Berlin - Die Vielen

Dear artists,

the war in Ukraine has dramatically changed the lives of many people overnight. The number of people who have left their homes and are on the run continues to rise every day. Among the refugees arriving in Berlin are also many artists.

In recent days, we have received several requests from Berlin artists who want to get involved and help.

Therefore, we are now offering a networking opportunity between Berlin artists and artists who have fled Ukraine through our free studio offers page.

Solidarity support services for refugee artists can be found here:

Offers of solidarity for the use of a studio can be made here.

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    Please tick: This offer is aimed at refugees.

It is important that the offers have no commercial background and are organized independently. It is recommended to publish the offers in english. We ask for a short info, if a studio use comes about.

With best regards
Ihr Atelierbüro-Team