Studio Office 

Studio Office and Studio Commissioner

The Studio Office in the kulturwerk of the bbk berlin is the central contact point for all artists living in Berlin and looking for a studioindependent of any association membership. We provide advice on finding a studio and support the maintenance of existing studios.

In cooperation with the Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the Society for Urban Development (GSE), the Studio Office as a cross-departmental interface is constantly developing new artists' workplaces and advising public and private building owners and politicians. To this end, the office strives for close cooperation with the responsible administrations but is also networked with social and urban policy initiatives pursuing similar objectives.

The Studio Commissioner is the head of the Studio Office. The office works independently and is not bound by political, administrative or association interests. It is  committed solely to the non-profit purposes of the kulturwerk and in particular to its task of securing and expanding the infrastructure of premises for all visual artists living in Berlin.

Furthermore, the office is the office of the Studio Advisory Committee, which decides on all awards within the framework of the allocation procedures for publicly funded studios and studio apartments, thereby ensuring transparency and equal opportunities.

Atelierhaus 2


Atelierbüro im kulturwerk des bbk berlin
Köthener Straße 44
10963 Berlin

telephone office hours:

tuesday: 10am to 1pm
thursday: 1pm to 4pm


Birgit Nowack
tel 030 230 899-22

Anna Fiegen
tel 030 230 899-23

Lotta Bartoschewski
tel 030 230 899-20

Christine Niehoff
tel 030 230 899-17

fax 030 230 899-19

Studio commissioner:

Dr. Martin Schwegmann
tel 030 230 899-21