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How do I apply for a studio?

You can apply for all subsidised studios and studio apartments in the current call for applications using our new online tool.

We can only accept applications submitted via the online tool.

For studios in the studio programme, you need to provide information about your financial situation. For apartments in the housing subsidy programme, a residence entitlement certificate (a Wohnberechtigungsschein, please apply to your respective municipal district office, the Bürgeramt) is required.

Attention: due to contact restrictions (COVID-19), visits are not possible at the moment. Instead, we are making images and/or video material available on our website.

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The Society for Urban Development (Gesellschaft für Stadtentwicklung, GSE) rents out spaces from the municipal housing associations and other landlords that are suitable for artistic work. After the studio advisory committee has allocated the spaces, the GSE concludes subletting contracts with the artists allocated studios and usually provides its own general rental conditions.

The rent for these spaces should not exceed a maximum of 4.09 € per m² incl. heating costs. It can vary according to condition, equipment and location. If the rent for a specific property is too high for you, please provide a brief and informal reason for this in writing and clearly explain the limits of your ability to pay. Please enclose this declaration with your letter of application.

In addition, there is the possibility of reducing the subletting fee in specially justified individual cases:

  • In the event of particularly difficult financial circumstances or
  • In the event of particularly high work-related expenses.

The studios are allocated for a period of two years.

After submitted an updated proof of income, the contracts will be renewed for another two years, provided that the eligibility requirements are still met.

Subsidised studios and studio apartments are allocated exclusively to professional visual artists according to urgent social and professional need. Their place of residence must be Berlin. Artists who have just moved to Berlin must wait for six months before applying.

There is an income limit for applicants in the studio rental programme. It is currently between 16,000 € and 23,500 € per year, depending on the size of the household. For studio apartments, a residence entitlement certificate (Wohnberechtigungsschein), must be presented.

Instructions for applying for a subsidised studio or studio apartment can be found here.

To apply for a studio apartment, a WBS with special space requirements must be submitted in most cases. This can be obtained from the municipal district offices:

The special space requirement should be explained under points 5 and 6 of the application.

You must declare your total annual household income. This includes income from the sale of works, from fees and work contracts or scholarships, wages and salaries, income from investments, unemployment benefits or assistance, housing benefits, pensions, social assistance, child benefits (Kindergeld), other benefits and other income.

You should then state your net income, i.e. income after the deduction of taxes paid and expenses for your artistic activity.

If your household consists of several persons, the net annual income of these persons (including child benefits) must be added to your personal net annual income.

Since income for freelancers fluctuates seasonally, we always consider the annual income from the previous year. In the event of significant deviations from the year of application, please contact the studio office.

The following annual net incomes cannot be exceeded (examples)

  • A single artist: 16,055 €
  • A single artist with child: 18,417 €
  • A couple (one partner artist) together: 18,335 €
  • A couple (both partners artists) together: 23,448 €
  • A couple with child (one partner artist) together: 20,697 €

For each additional person living in the household and supported by you (i.e. especially children under 18 years of age), the income limit is increased by €2,362.

If your work-related expenses (such as material expenses, advertising costs, etc.) have exceeded the lump sum of 5,000 €, please add a rough list of costs (no individual invoices, please).

The selection decisions for the allocation of studios and studio apartments funded or provided by the State of Berlin are made by an independent advisory committee that is supervised by the Studio Office.

Studio Advisory Committee



Studios and studio apartments with fixed rental prices


All studios and studio apartments to be allocated within the funding programme are advertised in the Studio Newsletter via the Studio Office and is sent to those artists registered as seeking a studio.

An announcement is made every two months and can also be viewed at

Attention: due to contact restrictions (COVID-19), visits are not possible at the moment. Instead, we are making images and/or video material available on our website.

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Rental contracts for the studio apartments

The rental contracts for the studio apartments are concluded directly with the landlord or the respective property company. They are purely residential leases and are therefore subject to greater protection against termination; the contractual provisions of the property management companies apply.

The rent is fixed and is based on the local rent index. As a rule, three months net cold rent must be paid as a deposit. A housing allowance can be applied for to cover the residential part of the space, provided the rooms are used as your primary residence.

Artists are required to register their spaces with the Studio Office for subsequent or interim rental if they change studios and/or spend a longer period of time abroad.