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Rosa Mesa

Installation / Objektkunst, Medienkunst, Grafik / Zeichnung, Partizipation, Performance / Aktionskunst



rosa mesa was born in the Canary Islands moving to Toronto in 1996 where she studied at OCAD graduating in Drawing and painting in 2002. Later she moved for three years to Barcelona where she got her first artist in residence in Switzerland. She lived for two years in differents part of the country doing several residencies. In 2008 and until 2011 she had her base in Berlin, today she lives and work between Canary Islands where she is doing an art residency at Centro de Arte LA Regenta and Germany where she is one of the members of the artistic platform daily services. Her works has been presented in Spain, Canada, Serbia, Germany, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Perú, Francia, Brasil and Switzerland. She has a pretty nomadic life often working in four languages and consider this multiculturality a quality of our times.
She works in the areas of performance, installation and public interventions. Her works explore popular culture in contrast with written history and mass media. In her pieces of performance and public interventions she looks for an approah to the audience, inducing to action or debate.
Her practice is a respond to her surroundings that are dissected and anlize, more often responding to the inmidiate surroundings. She explore such areas as Semiotics, the art practice, nomadism, identity, migration, feminism and the hibridity and ever-changing quality of todays contemporary culture.

In the last years her works have reached a point of reflection in which the art production questions the artistic market in itself, the implications of the art practice in todays life as well as the democracy of representation...


Performance and public interventions

2012 "Hablando con Paper" (daily talks) public intervention, Spain
2012 "The poetry of law" performance, Spain.
2012 "Gone with the wind"Teatro Victor Jara, performance, Spain
2011 "Tired of counting" Toronto International Film and Video Festival, performance
2011 Madrid Procesos, “daily letters” public intervention as part of the collective daily services, Spain.
2011 Neukölln 48 Stunden, Dalily Services, public intervention, Berlin.
2011 “Stained/Taché)”, curated by Marion de Luget, Kurtforever, Sant Denis, France.
2010 Festival Cuerpo a Cuerpo, “Brothers”curated by Pedro Déniz
2010 Festival AccionMAD, “...toll for you”curated by Nieves Correa and Hilario Alvarez
2010 “Secrets and Puppets”, Lisboa. Festival Epipiderm, curated by Nuno Oliveira.
2009 “Proyecto Circo”, colateral X Bienal de La Habana. Fesival Internacional de Performance
2008 “Investors Corner”, PROGR, Bern
2008 “Encounters of an allien girl”, 1, Ittingen, Suiza.
2008 “The Vanishing Ink”, Zentrum 5, Bern.
2008 “Vanishin Ink” performed in Sao Paulo by Performola, Brasil.
2008 “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle rules the World” presented at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Bogota Colombia, Galería Santa Fe Bogota Colombia, Casa Tres Patios Medellin Colombia, Museo Bolivariano de Arte Contemporáneo Santa Marta Colombia, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Caracas Venezuela y en la Fundación Nelson Garrido - nomasdecinco Caracas Venezuela.
2006 “El entierro de la Sardina” presented at Centro Cultural La Regenta, Las Palmas, Spain.
2004 “Talking to my Mother” presented at The Youth Biennial of Yugoslavia

Collective exhibitions

2011 Festival Cuerpo y Mujer, Perú, Lima. Curated by María
2010 MECA, presentación de Audiovisuales, Almería, Spain, curated by Ada Azor
2010 “Ich habe noch einen Koffer in Berlin”, curated by Maria Linares and presented at 48
Stunden Neukoelln.
2010 Festival de Video de La Haban, Proyecto Circo, curated by Ada Azor.
2009 Galerie Periferia, Ittingen, Switzerland.
2008 “Frontieres”, Museum d´art et d´histoire de Neuchatel,
curated by VISARTE, Switzerland
2008 “Alleluhiah”, Lokal.INT, Biel, Switzerland, curated by Chri F.
2006 “Islas Móviles”, La Granja, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain,
curated by OrlandoBrito.
2005 “Proyecto Plaça Jaume Sabartes”, III Juegos Internacionales de Arte Efímero de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
2005 Centro de Arte La Regenta, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
"Like a Fish out of Water", curated by Orlando Brito
2004 Biennial of Young Artists of Yugoslavia, Serbia “Talking to my Mother”,
curated by Ingrid Mayhofer.
2003 Soft Art House, “Alucinarte”, Toronto, curated by Jorge Lozano.
2003 Propeller, “I am thirsty” , Toronto, curated by Nicola Woods.
2003 Gallery 1313, “Patching History”,, Toronto, curated by the Loop Collective.
2003 OCAD Gallery, “Body Language”, Toronto.
2003 Here&Now Gallery, “Uncertenty”, Toronto.
2003 Shag Gallery, “Botánicas”, Toronto.
2002 Toronto Outdoor Exhibition, Toronto.
2002 The Distillery, Toronto.
2002 Art System, “More and More Curious”, Toronto,
curated by Jubal Brown and Daniel Borins.
2002 Art System, “Super Sex”,Toronto, curated by Jubal Brown and Daniel Borins.
2002 Spin Gallery, “Go West”, Toronto.
2002 Cabildo Insular, “Esclavas de María”, Las Palmas
2002 Art System, “And Infinite Justice for All”, instalación, Toronto.

Solo exhibitions

2009 Festival Internacional de Video, Alucine. Toronto, Canada.
2008 “Visible Walls”, installation curated by Beate Engel, Bern.
2008 “When all the querubins went to hell”, LokalInt, Switzerland, curated by Chri F.
2007 “Kunstquadrate”, Essen, Germany, curated by Silvia Sonnesmicht.
2004 ZYPR, “Amarantos”, Toronto, curated by Beth Lowe.
2003 Zsa Zsa Gallery, “Cutting with a flower”, Toronto, curated by Andrew Hardword.
2003 Moon Bean Gallery, Toronto, curated by Martin Kuchar.
2002 Ne Plus Ultra Project, “Mit Inem Wort”, Toronto. Curated by Tiff Itza
2002 Come as you are, “Affections”, Toronto, curated by Cori Slander.
2002 Sim&Jones, “Print Series”, Toronto.

Grants and Prizes

1998 Honorable Mention, OCAD, Toronto.
2001 Honorable Mention, OCAD, Toronto.
2002 Printmaking Scholarship, OCAD, Toronto.
2004 Grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Canada.
2004 Beca de la Consejería de Cultura de Gran Canarias.
2004 Travel Grant from the Canada Council of the Arts.
2005 Exhibition Assistance, Canada.
2005 Beca de produccion, Consejeria de Cultura de Canarias.
2007 Residency, Visarte, Neuchatel, Switzerland.
2008 Residency, Visarte, Neuchatel, Switzerland.
2008 Residency, PROGR, Berna, Switzerland.
2008 Beca de Producción del Gobierno de Canarias.
2009 Beca de viaje, Canarias Crea, Gobierno de Canarias.
2009 Travel Grant, Canada Art Council
2010 Beca de viaje, Canarias Crea, Gobierno de Canarias
2011 Stipendium Senado de Berlin
2011 Beca Madrid Procesos 2011