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Help for the current application procedure (March 2020)

Update: 25.03.2020

Is the application process continuing even though no viewings have taken place due to the corona pandemic?

  • Yes!

Is the application deadline on Thursday, 26.03.2020, 23:59 o`clock, still valid?

  • Yes!
  • Should there be any changes, we will inform you via this website. Please check currently.

Can I apply digitally?

From now on it is possible to apply completely digitally (also with the portfolio) by email. Because of the current Corona-Pandemic we ask everybody to use this possibility!

  • The portfolio please as PDF, named with your last name and with a maximum size of 10MB as attachment.
  • Everything including the portfolio can be sent by e-mail to: until 26.03.2020, 23:59 o`clock (PLEASE SUMMARIZE EVERYTHING IN ONE E-MAIL!)
  • Please do not send the portfolio by e-mail!
  • You should either send it in time by post to "Atelierbüro im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH, Körthener Str. 44, 10963 Berlin" or throw it into the container provided in the hallway of Köthener Str. 44 on the ground floor. PLEASE not larger than DIN A4 and not thicker than 1 cm.

If you want to throw your application documents personally into the container provided in the hallway, please enter only one at a time and keep a distance of 1.5 to 2 metres to the next person waiting.

My portfolio is still from the last application round in the studio office, what can I do?

  • Fill out both forms completely and sign them.
  • Send us the forms, the description of the situation (keywords only, half a A4 page), the updated artistic CV and - in case of applications for the larger studio locations - the floor plans     with identification of the studios you would like to apply for. In this case you can also apply     electronically by E-Mail (scan or photo) --> PLEASE SUMMARY ALL IN ONE E-MAIL! (via post is also still possible)
  •  Write a note in the e-mail (or letter) that the portfolio is still available and should be     allocated by us.

When can I post the application documents at Köthener Str. 44?

  • You have access to the container at any time (also at night and on weekends). Ring the bell at "Kulturwerk" to open the front door!

How many studios can I apply for?

  • You can apply to any studio that seems suitable for you. Please make sure you fill out the respective "floor plan forms".

Can I apply as a couple or as a group?

  • Yes!
  • Each applicant must submit all necessary documents as in a SINGLE application! Write the     names of the competitors on the top right of the application form.

I would like to apply for some studios alone and for others in pairs or as a group, is that possible?

  • Yes!
  • You just have to make clear what your choice is. (e.g. * for all studios you apply for alone)


I have questions about the income form!

How high are the income limits?

  • Annual net income should not be in excess of the following: (examples)
  • 16,055 € for a single artist
  • 18,417 € for a single artist (with one child)
  • Joint income of 18,335 € for a married couple (one partner artist)
  • Joint income of 23,448 € for a married couple (both partners artists)Joint income of 20,697 € for a married couple (one child, one partner artist)
  • The income limit increases by 2,362 € for every dependent person living in your household (i.e. in particular for children under 18)
  • If your professional expenses (cost of materials, tax-allowable expenses) exceeding the allowance ( 5,000 €), please enclose a list of costs on a separate sheet   

Do I need a "WBS" ?

  •  No! I
  • in the current announcement only studios are offered. Here we need the form to indicate     the income situation. You only need a "WBS" when applying for a studio apartment
    (  WBS - short for "Wohnberechtigungsschein" - a certificate required to live in apartments that have been built using state subsidies.)

Please make sure that all documents are completely filled out and signed!
Also check whether all required documents are really enclosed with your application.


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tel 030 230 899-22 Birgit Nowack (Studio Lease Program)
tel 030 230 899-23 Anna Fiegen (Studio Lease Program)
tel 030 230 899-20 Lotta Bartoschewski (Studio Apartments)

fax 030 230 899-19

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