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WEAK ART Award - Prize for Weakening Art 2018

Press Relaese by Alliance of Endangered Berlin Studio Houses (AbBA)

Press conference on Wednesday, 9.26.2018, 1:00 - 2:00
Location: Bar Babette, Karl-Marx-Allee 36

The Alliance of Endangered Berlin Studio Houses (AbBA) is awarding this prize for "outstanding achievements for the weakening of art in Berlin" for the first time in 2018. Persons, companies, organizations, but also rules or mechanisms can be proposed from now on.

The focus is, above all, on the problematic studio situation. The Committee of Cultural Affairs of the Berlin House of Representatives expects that each year 350 affordable studios will be lost, mainly because of rising rents. According to the plan "Masterplan Art Studios 2020" of the studio commissioner for Berlin, Berlin needs 2,000 new studios by 2020 in order to secure studio spaces for at least one third of the approximately 8,000 artists. The Red-Red-Green coalition is known to only want to secure 2,000 studios and workplaces for all art branches by 2021. This year alone, we expect a need for 500 extra affordable artists' studios. So far too few new studios are materializing. According to the studio commissioner for Berlin 4,000 new studios will be needed for visual artists alone. Not to mention the needs of musicians performing and other interdisciplinary artists.

As Klaus Lederer has pointed out, there is still widespread "helplessness" in the districts as well as in the senate of Berlin against the cutthroat practices of the private property market and real estate industry. Of course, there are also home-made problems in politics. For example, is it really believable that the studio problems can be solved without the involvement of those involved in arts and culture and property owners who are well-intentioned towards the arts?

We at AbBA believe that particularly ruthless and insidious organizations and structures must be clearly named and thus be put into the public debate so that this feeling of helplessness does not lead to a loss of confidence in democratic institutions. On the occasion of Berlin Art Week, the WEAK ART Award 2018 is preparing the way for a bitter podium for people that weaken the arts in "outstanding" and "efficient" ways. With this campaign, the Alliance of Endangered Berlin Studio Houses (AbBA) wants to draw attention to the acute need for action.

"not willing to talk", "terminated without notice", "as investors in love with the building", "creative co-working", "unfortunately not congruent"

On the occasion of Berlin Art Week (26.-30.Sept 2018) such phrases can be appreciated at their full worth by this counter-prize of art scene. The nominated circle may include representatives and organizations of the real estate industry, politicians, but also cultural-political constructs and even artists themselves.

Please tell the AbBA Academy, the jury, what are the behaviors or the mechanisms that cause unaffordable studios and project rooms; for example destructive communication strategies such as refusal to talk, or demoralization tactics are art-weakening factors, which can be seen in the current lack of studio and cultural spaces. For years, such behavior was unseen, and now we want to make it visible with the WEAK ART AWARD.

For further information: Boris Jöns, netzwerkabba@gmail.com 


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