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Public Tenders

The offers (with information on viewing dates) will be sent regularly to all artists who request it from the office in a bulletin every two months and are available on the Web site at Here, studio exchange and sharing offers can be called up in an open forum.

Rent Application / Request for Studio Assignment

Anyone who has found suitable premises after viewing them, provides this information to the studio office with the submission of the following documents: artistic résumé, catalogs, or copies or photos of his works for a determination of the level of professionalism. Every professional artist can apply for a subsidized studio, but your residence must be in Berlin. For spaces that are sponsored by the program "studio direct" of the cultural administration, income limits apply (about €16.000/ annually for individuals).

Studio Assignment

Independently established and qualified studio assignment advisory boards first check the professionalism of the artist, then grant the studio according to urgency. In addition, the premises are adapted to needs, according to the type of art (sculpture, painting, media art, etc.).


Additional Information on Studio Sponsorship


1. With the instrument of the program "studio direct" (ASP, government administration for culture) suitable commercial premises are rented and passed on to artists at reduced rates.
2. With the help of modernization and urban renewal funds (building authorities) premises and outbuildings are converted into studios and studio residences, rehabilitated and rented out to artists.

Studio Grant Commissions

The spaces acquired through the program „studio direct" (ASP) are granted by a studio commission composed of 5 or 6 artists (recommended by bbk) and delegates from four cultural institutions of fine arts (e.g. artists associations), and named by ministers of science, research and culture. New members are appointed to the commission every two years.
The awarding of the remaining offers, if they are sponsored by the government, is done by one of the technical commissions elected in the bbk's members' meeting.

Awarding Criteria

Once the professionalism of the artist has been determined by the commission, the latter makes a decision in accordance with the state of need and professional urgency, and assigns the premises to the artist in accordance with the appropriateness regarding the respective art concept.

Duration of the Contracts

Two years with renewal if income has not risen seriously in this time (ASP).
With studio residences (promotion of urban development), indefinite contracts, otherwise varying and in most cases long-term.


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tel 030 230 899-23 Anna Fiegen (Studio Lease Program)
tel 030 230 899-20 Kati Gausmann (Studio Apartments)

fax 030 230 899-19

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