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The expert commission

The expert commission for art in public space of the bbk berlin makes suggestions for invited competitions. The office is the agency of this commission and forwards the suggestions to the initiators.
The expert commission is being made up of seven artists who are eligible to vote and one guest. It meets at least once a month. Its task is to go through the received portfolios of the artists and to develop suggestions for invited competitions. Additionally, the members of the expert commission belong to the boards for art in public space of the Berlin districts. Thus, the commission also plays a curatorial role for art in public space in Berlin.
The members of the expert commission are being elected during the general meeting of the bbk berlin. While they are members of the commission, these artists cannot apply for procedures which are being dealt with within the commission.
To become member of the expert commission, specific experiences in the field of art in public space are required. Furthermore, it is expected that art in public space is a declared focus in the work of each of the artists. 

Members of the expert commission:
Gisela Genthner, Erik Göngrich, Seraphina Lenz, Stefan Krüskemper, Henrik Mayer, Patricia Pisani, Katinka Theis


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