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Studio Program Berlin

Attention! The office hours on Tuesday, 17. September unfortunately fall out!

All professional visual artists resident in Berlin are entitled to apply.
The Studio office continuously sources new properties suitable for workspaces and studio flats. Its selection process for allocating publicly subsidised studios / studio flats comes under a strict transparency and equal opportunities policy.

–    Decisions on allocating subsidised studio spaces and studio flats are made
      in collaboration with an independent committee of experts
–    Offers on available studio spaces are announced by regular newsletter
–    Online studio offers are updated weekly
–    Advice on developing self-managed studio projects
–    Creating new locations for studio spaces through interdisciplinary cooperation
      with the Berlin Senate, housing associations, district offices and private property developers.


Atelierbüro im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH

Köthener Straße 44
10963 Berlin

tel 030 230 899-21 Dr. Martin Schwegmann (Studio Commissioner)
tel 030 230 899-22 Birgit Nowack (Studio Lease Program)
tel 030 230 899-23 Anna Fiegen (Studio Lease Program)
tel 030 230 899-20 Lotta Bartoschewski (Studio Apartments)

fax 030 230 899-19

Tuesday : 10 am - 1 pm
Thursday: 1 pm - 4 pm


and by appointment


  Supported by the Berlin Senate Department of Culture