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Ceramics Studio

The Ceramics Studio provides two electric and one glass-fusing kiln for finished works of art, as well as an assay kiln for test runs. Both electric kilns are remote controllable, also allowing the heat treatment of glass, stone, metal and certain plastics. The workshop provides the technical facilities and work surfaces for all types of work on ceramics. It also offers a “firing service” for externally produced work. A VAT charge of 7% will be added to all prices quoted below.

Attention - Summer break: The ceramics workshop is not supervised from July/15 till August/12. The workplaces are scheduled already for this period. The stoves are filled by the assistant only and are fully occupied. New appointments can be made again after August/12. 

Ceramics Studio manager: Susanne Jung  -
Please use the e-mail address for appointments or general inquiries regarding the ceramics workshop. tel 030.49913115

NEW: Appointment cancellations at least 3 (three) working day in advance, via telephone or to our office e-mail: Not timely canceled appointments will be charged.


For external work we offer a "firing service". All prices plus 7% VAT.

Large kiln / 140 x 120 x 75 cm; H: 1,5 m; settings up to 1,200 °C             
Work produced in the workshop

55 Euros

Work produced in your own studio
105 Euros

Small kiln / 70 x 72 x 52 cm; 300 l; settings up to 1,250 °C

Work produced in the workshop
20 Euros
Work produced in your own studio
30 Euros

Glass kiln /  settings up to 1,300 °C

Work produced in the workshop
25 Euros
Work produced in your own studio
35 Euros

Assay kiln

Work produced in the workshop
10 Euros
Work produced in your own studio
15 Euros
* Abbildung Werkstattimpression © Kulturwerk


Bildhauerwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH

Osloer Straße 102
13359 Berlin

Jan Maruhn (Head)
Friederike Rosch (Office)

tel 030 49370-17
fax 030 49390-18

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5.30 pm


  Supported by the Berlin Senate Department of Culture