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Stone Studio

The Stone Studio is the largest hall of the sculpture workshop. It consists of eight workspaces on ground level and a top-floor gallery of 300 square metres.  The large ground-floor hall is perfectly suited for creating works in stone or assembling very large wood or metal pieces.

Stone Studio manager: Harald Noack  -

Please use the e-mail address for appointments or general inquiries concerning the stone studio. Only in urgent cases or in the case of short-term cancellations, please call tel: 030 499131-18, as the colleagues are in the work

NEW: Appointment cancellations at least 3 (three) working day in advance, via telephone or to our office e-mail: Not timely canceled appointments will be charged.

–    Pneumatic hammers
–    Pneumatic drills
–    Power tools for stone work
–    Acetylene burner
–    Pneumatic angle-grinder (for wet / dry grinding and sawing)
–    Gantry crane (3 tons)
–    Forklift (4 tons)
–    Small pneumatic hammers
–    Compressed air cleaner


* Abbildung Kai Dräger © Kulturwerk


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