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Information: Rent-controlled Studios and Studio/Apartments

Studios and Studio/Apartments from the Housing Subsidy Programmes of the Federal State of Berlin


The housing subsidy programmes of the Federal State of Berlin also encompass subsidy of commercially usable studios and studio/apartments for professional fine artists. Prerequisites for application are professional status and an urgent work-related and social need. Rent is reduced upon presentation of a certificate of eligibility for public housing (WBS). The WBS is available at your responsible housing office. When requested, this certificate may include an entitlement to a workroom within the apartment (WBS for artists). Within the allocation procedure, preference will be given to those hit by modernisation measures and applicants with a WBS. Please enclose your WBS - if available - with your application. Allocation decisions are the responsibility of the studio committee. Contracts are concluded with the landlord directly. As a rule, the studio/apartments are allocated with residential lease contracts, so offering greater protection against notice. The rent is controlled and oriented on the local rent index. As a rule, three net/cold rents must be provided as a caution. It is possible to apply for housing benefit (Wohngeld) b for the living space within the overall floor area, insofar as the apartment is used as your main address. Artists are obliged to report to the studio office if their space becomes free for subsequent or interim lease when they move studios and/or spend a longer period abroad.
The prices (net/cold without electricity and gas) for studio/apartments are ca. 4.89 € per m², or 4.25 € upon presentation of a WBS.

Allocation Criteria

Studios from the housing subsidy programme will be allocated to professional fine artists according to the urgency of their social and work-related needs.

Please bear in mind that only complete documents can be taken into account for the assignment. We are happy to give you advise if needed!

Documents necessary when applying for a studio/apartment


The Studio Committee

The studio committee consists of nine members with voting power and nine representatives.
- Ten members are appointed by the bbk berlin e.V.
- Two members are appointed by a fine-art institution
- Six "designated personalities" are appointed by the Senate Administrative Office for Culture - One member, in an advisory capacity, is appointed by the district administrative office

Lease Contracts

The lease contracts of the studio/apartments are concluded directly with the relevant property management. The lease contracts are purely residential lease contracts; the property management's own contractual conditions are applicable.


Atelierbüro im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin GmbH

Köthener Straße 44
10963 Berlin

tel 030 230 899-21 Dr. Martin Schwegmann (Studio Commissioner)
tel 030 230 899-22 Birgit Nowack (Studio Lease Program)
tel 030 230 899-23 Anna Fiegen (Studio Lease Program)
tel 030 230 899-20 Kati Gausmann (Studio Apartments)

fax 030 230 899-19

Tuesday : 10 am - 1 pm
Thursday: 1 pm - 4 pm


and by appointment


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