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Competitions – General Information

Competitions are procedures in which results for an assignment are to be found by comparing artistic work. Visual artists are requested to participate on equal terms. The pieces of work are judged by an independent jury.

One distinguishes between an open and an invited competition. In an open competition, all artists can take part. The competition is being publicly initiated. But the participants receive no expense allowances. Contrary to this, the participants of an invited competition are being invited by name and their work is being paid for.

The number of open competitions has gone down in the last years. The low sums which were available for buildings and art and the high organisational effort for an open competition were reason for this. The Office for Art in Public Space nonetheless promotes the realisation of open competitions if sufficient investments are given.

Information about current calls for proposals can be found here:

The documentation of Competition results you will find here:

Composition of decision-making bodies
The committees (juries, boards, commissions) are being put together by an uneven number on equal terms. The persons should be knowledgeable experts in their field: artists, representatives of the initiators and users, architects, experts and representatives of the corresponding administrations. The experts for art should form a majority (for this, one vote is enough).

The representatives of the Office for Art in Public Space take part in juries as experts for the procedure, but do not select artists for the process nor do they make any suggestions. They are committed to transparency and fairness throughout the realisation of procedures and impart the suggestions of the boards. 

Further Information
The initiator is the legally binding partner for all participants in a competition. The initiator has to guarantee the proper realisation of a competition. The initiator can be an administration (German federation, province or district), an association or a private person. In most cases it is an administration of a province or district.

The juries come to a decision on the artistic quality of a piece of work handed in to propose one of the drafts to be realised. A jury is composed by expert adjudicators and technical jurors. Expert adjudicators are the initiators, representatives of the corresponding administrations of the public authorities or users.

Technical jurors are visual artists and art experts. The technical jurors should always form a majority within a jury (for this one vote is enough).


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